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Bob DickinsonCELEBRATING 4 plus decades of loyalty, trust, friendship and outstanding salesman.  Our Sales Manager, Bob Dickinson, who has been with Ford Fasteners for 42 years, has retired.  We wish Bob well in his new chapter of life and thank him for all his years of service for outstanding Sales and commitment for over 4 decades. 

Our new Sales Manager, Frank Palatucci has shadowed Bob for the past 5 years and under Bob’s wing has learned the true quality of sales and outstanding customer service we offer our customers.  Give Frank a call or email him at for a quote or any questions you have regarding our top quality 410 stainless steel screws.

Ford Fasteners is Celebrating 55 Years of Excellence

At Ford Fasteners, we are excited to be celebrating our 55th anniversary! We started our journey in 1963 in Hackensack, New Jersey. Since we launched our business all those years ago, we’ve accomplished a lot, including: access to global sourcing, a giant inventory of fasteners, experienced employees, and most importantly, a loyal customer base throughout the United States and Canada. The one thing that has remained constant throughout the years is our commitment to quality and innovation.

We would be nowhere without our network of clients. That’s why, to celebrate the 55th anniversary of our company, we have updated our home page to make it even easier for current and potential customers, such as yourself, to learn about and contact us. One of our new features is our Quick Quote option. If you are looking to get basic information quickly, namely whether or not our services match your needs, this is the best way to go. Simply fill out the questionnaire, which asks only for your contact information and what you’re looking for, and one of our many customer service agents will get back to you in a flash. We’re excited to be able to serve you better than ever. Here’s to the next 55; we hope you’ll be with us the whole way.

For most, if not all, manufacturers, fasteners are essential to both their products and the production process. Quality fasteners, or the lack thereof, can literally make or break a product. Therefore, choosing the right fastener is critical to your success. For the most successful purchase, remember to: 1) Consider the product’s primary use. 2) Know the specifications of your requirement. 3) Choose a finish according to function. 4) Consider the price.

For more details, read the pointers below.

I. Consider the product’s primary use: Ask yourself, “What is my product’s end use, and how will this fastener help achieve that use?” For example, metal fasteners are ideal for products with enclosures that need to be opened and closed frequently, or parts that move or vibrate. On the other hand, a product that will be never opened may call for an inexpensive alternative, like plastic.

II. Know the specifications of your requirement: Along this line of thought, you must also understand your specific needs. Product design dictates the main size, material and function of the fastener, so to dismiss this is to risk improper functioning and poor product performance. Furthermore, it’s necessary to pay attention to fastener threads. For instance, do not buy a single threaded fastener for a design that calls for a multiple threaded one. Also, never use metal that is too heavy for your application and do not request that your provider meet unnecessary critical product tolerances or unnecessary fastener sizes.

III. Choose a finish according to function: Select a fastener finish only after your provider has studied your requirement and is able to guide you. Finish hardness must be chosen according to product design, with metal grade and gauge thickness that matches your application. To ensure your needs are communicated well, when ordering, make sure to describe the fastener’s intended function and to inquire about fastener limitations.

IV. Consider the price: Finally, you must consider the cost. Resist the temptation to cut corners to save a few dollars. Remember that, in the long run, cheap fasteners may fail you, discrediting you and your products. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive fastener you can find. Rather, simply be discerning and think of the possible long-term advantages and disadvantages of your selection.

Fasteners are a tool that quietly dominate our lives. Sometimes simple and sometimes complex, these unsung heroes make our world go round, and have been doing so for thousands of years. If you take a moment to ponder a world without them, you may just begin to wonder about history as well. If so, you’re in luck! Read on for a brief explanation of the history of fasteners.

Let us begin with the screw, a fastener that keeps the roof over our heads and the floor under our feet. The screw thread is believed to have been invented around 400 BCE, by Archytas of Tarentum, a Greek philosopher sometimes called “the father of mechanics.” The general principle of the screw was applied early on, in cities like Pompeii, to extract olive oil and grape juice. It was further developed the Greek mathematician Archimedes to alter water levels. The water screw, first mentioned in Mechanica of Heron of Alexandria, was made from wood and aided farm irrigation and rid ships of bilge water.

In 1568, Jacques Besson, a French inventor, created the bolt and screw manufacturing machine. He also made a screw-cutting plate for use with lathes, which was later perfected and put into wider circulation by the English company, Hindley of York. In the eighteenth century, screws evolved again when Antoine Thiout, a French clockmaker, attached a screw drive to a lathe, enabling tool carriages to move semi-automatically.

No one quite agrees on the origin of nuts and bolts, though we believe they came after the screw thread. What we do know is that they came into prominence during the Industrial Revolution, and their most notable process innovations have occurred within the last 150 years. For example, the U.S. Standard Thread was formed in the early 1870s, followed by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard, and so on. By the late 1960s, self-drilling screws, advertised as “pinched point” or “cold forged” self-drills that cut down labor time and costs, were gaining a foothold in the metal building industry.

Fast forward to the last twenty years, and fastener design developments have moved even faster, thanks to the introduction of nickel-based alloys. Unlike steel, Nickel-based alloys can retain their form in high temperature environments like those in engines and turbochargers. Engineers seek to continue fastener development by studying what’s possible with lightweight metal bolts made from materials like magnesium, titanium and aluminum.

This has been a brief history of fasteners. They’ve been with us a long time, and only more time will tell how we will continue to develop together. Stay tuned!

A self tapping screw, which is sometimes just referred to as a “self tapper”, has a special cut on the end that allows the tip to drill holes in wood, metal and plastic. Instead of using a drill bit to create pilot holes for screws, a self tapping screw can be used to accomplish both things at the same time. This isn’t just a more efficient way to work, it makes for a very strong fastener that is firmly embedded into whatever surface you are drilling into.

Self-tapping screws from Ford Fasteners come in a variety of sizes with different heads to be used with different tools. Our hex top self tappers can be used with a socket attachment on a drill, while our screwheads can be used with a normal screw driver bit. These heads also come in different diameters for added security depending on the application.

One thing that many people like about self-tapping screws is their sheer versatility. There’s no need for switching drill bits as you work or drilling and then screwing, since everything can be done with one step and one tool. They’re also much more economical, because you can use them for so many different things. Our self-tapping screws are also available in stainless steel, which is a popular choice because of its strength and anti-corrosive properties.

If you need self tapping screws, we can easily take your order and quickly ship any quantity directly to your business. Our extensive inventory and same-day shipping make it easy for you to get exactly what you need in a very short time. We’re proud to sell high quality American-made products to industrial customers across the country.

Ford Fasteners has been in business for 46 years, and in the process we’ve established ourselves as one of the best sources in the country for quality fasteners. Excellent service is our #1 priority, and you’ll experience this for yourself when you call to place your first order with us. Trust Ford Fasteners for all of your fastening needs. You’ll be glad you did!

Since 1963, Ford Fasteners has been manufacturing quality fasteners for use in construction, carpentry, welding and other industries where strength and durability are equally important. Our uncompromising approach begins with using the best materials to manufacture products that last. Because of our solid reputation for innovation and quality, we’ve been able to expand into related markets where fasteners are in high demand. From self tapping to self piercing and even self cutting screws, people trust us to supply them with American made fasteners that get the job done. Our huge inventory of fasteners has whatever type of product you may require for your job, including a range of stainless fasteners.

Stainless fasteners are in high demand because they are so durable in a variety of situations. The stainless coating makes the fastener resistant to corrosion and protects it from moisture and dirt. This enhanced performance is perfect for applications where a fastener is expected to hold something firmly in place for years to come. At Ford Fasteners, we manufacture stainless fasteners in a wide variety of types and sizes to meet your needs. Our popular self tapping screws are available in stainless steel, as well as our self piercing and self cutting screws.

If you want a quality product that is durable in any condition, a stainless fastener from Ford Fasteners is the only way to go. All of our products are inspected in-house so that we can maintain the highest level of quality throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. We can even create custom labels and packaging for your fasteners before we ship them directly to you. Our vast distribution center in Texas allows us to quickly and easily ship across the country and even internationally.

To learn more about the many products that we offer, feel free to browse through the product pages of our website. Or, if you’d like to talk with one of our experts and ask some questions, just give us a call! We’ve got great customer service, and we’re more than willing to help supply you with the perfect fastening solution for your needs.

At Ford Fasteners, we are committed to providing all of our customers with quality fastening supplies. All of our products are manufactured in house and can be shipped directly to you on the same day that you place your order. Whether you work in construction, woodworking, a metal shop, automobile repair or any other industry; we know that your time is precious. If you are in the middle of a product, we don’t want to be the reason that you have to slow down. We can get your fasteners to you as soon as possible so that your project keeps moving forward.

Among the products that we offer are our popular self-piercing screws. These screws has a sharp tip with two small bevelled blades before the thread. This design allows the screw to act as a drill head, eliminating the need for another drill bit to create pilot holes before adding a fastener to wood, metal or plastic. The convenience of self-piercing screws can save a lot of time on a job site and ensure that every hole is as tight as possible, meaning the fastener won’t be loose or in the wrong place.

Our self-piercing screws can be ordered with either a hex washer head or a flat phillips head. The added surface area on both helps to hold things firmly in place when the screw is drilled in. These two types are each available in several different sizes, and they are all made with stainless steel to make them more resistant to corrosion. We manufacture all of our fasteners with quality materials like this because we know it isn’t just the initial performance that you’re interested in: you want something that will last, even in harsh conditions.

If you are interested in ordering self-piercing screws or any other kind of fastening product from Ford Fasteners, give us a call today at 1-800-272-3673. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you place an order immediately. See the quality of our products for yourself, and don’t forget to ask about our custom screw painting service!

Here at Ford Fasteners we have been working hard for the last forty years to provide you, our customers, with top of the line fasteners and screw products that fit just about any requirement. We have built our reputation on high quality, long lasting screws. Specifically our Ford 140 Stainless steel screws, which are available in self drilling form. What started as a screw manufacturing company for the door and window industry has turned into an ever expanded 300 series stainless steel screw and long life coated fastener provider. We are proud to say that Ford Fastener products can be found across a number of different industries from roofing and solar to a variety of different construction applications.

We specialize in self-drilling screws, which are screws that are designed to work right away. Meaning you don’t have to spend time pre-drilling holes for your screws, they do it for you while you’re drilling in your screw. We have hundreds of options when it comes to self-drilling screws here at Ford Fasteners, from Ford steel zinc plated self-drilling screws to our Ford ‘410’ Bright Hardened Stainless Steel Self-Drilling screws. We encourage you to thoroughly explore our self-drilling screws selection in order to find a screw that is right for your application. Our screws are great for a wide range of applications, which is exactly why we have so many options.

If you’re having trouble locating the screw that is right for your specific application, do not hesitate to contact us directly at (800) 272-3673 or send us an email at we love a challenge and look forward to hearing about your unique application. From there we will work with you in order to find a self-drilling screw that works for you! Contact us today for more information on our self-drilling screws or any of our other products and services.

Here at Ford Fasteners, Inc. we are working hard to provide you with the fastener and screw solutions that you depend on for your applications and work environments. We have been in the industry for over 46 years and over those years we have developed a reputation as one of the leaders of the fasteners industry. Throughout those years, our commitment to high quality parts and excellence service has remained our number one priority.

Because of this we continue to make investments into our business whether that means in inventory, personnel, a new machine or multiple distribution centers. All of this comes together in order to provide our customers with same day shipping and competitive pricing. In addition to our facility it Hackensack, New Jersey we are proud to say that we have a service center in Dallas, Texas where the needs of our Southwestern customers can be met. Not only will do we distribute our entire line of fasteners from this location, we also encourage you to call and arrange a pick-up if you are local and need your product as soon as possible.

We have a number of products that are ready for immediate delivery, or pick-up, and having multiple distribution centers allows us to better meet the needs of our customers both local and nationally. Pick up the phone and call us today at (800) 272-3673 for more information about our distribution centers or any of our other fastener and screws products. What started out as a business for the window and door industry has blossomed over the last 46 years into a thriving company that is known for providing top of the line screws and fastener products for a variety of industries and applications. We look forward to hearing from you and providing a solution that meets your needs!

For over 40 years, Ford Fasteners, Inc. has been at the front of the industry leading the charge for high quality screw and fastener products. We are able to and are known for engineering and producing fasteners to just about any requirement. We have a stainless reputation for long lasting quality which has been built on the versatility and strength of our Ford 410 stainless steel screws. Founded in 1963 by George Cellary, Ford Fasteners, Inc. started by simply manufacturing screws for the door and window industry. Over the last 53 years we have continued to refine how we do business and what type of products we offer in order to add value anywhere we can.

This resulted in what Ford Fasteners is today, a powerhouse in the fastener industry. Our products are used in the solar, roofing and construction industries. Our products have evolved from just door and window screws into self drilling screws, self-piercing and even thread cutting screws. On top of that we offer and assemble EPDM bonded sealing washers onto a number of different screws. Our investment into our personnel, inventory and our machinery is something we’re proud of because it shows just how committed we are to high quality products.

Ford Fasteners, Inc. has a number of products that are available for immediate delivery and we accept blanket orders. We go out of our way to provide what our customers need whether that be a custom paint job or a specific type of screw that will fit unique needs of an application. Reach out to us at or give us a call at (800) 272-3673, we’re happy to listen to your unique requirements and application needs in order to provide you an outstanding solution. For long lasting quality steel screws that are engineered and produced to any requirement choose Ford Fasteners, Inc.