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Get the Job Done With Self-Tapping Screws

A self tapping screw, which is sometimes just referred to as a “self tapper”, has a special cut on the end that allows the tip to drill holes in wood, metal and plastic. Instead of using a drill bit to create pilot holes for screws, a self tapping screw can be used to accomplish both things at the same time. This isn’t just a more efficient way to work, it makes for a very strong fastener that is firmly embedded into whatever surface you are drilling into.

Self-tapping screws from Ford Fasteners come in a variety of sizes with different heads to be used with different tools. Our hex top self tappers can be used with a socket attachment on a drill, while our screwheads can be used with a normal screw driver bit. These heads also come in different diameters for added security depending on the application.

One thing that many people like about self-tapping screws is their sheer versatility. There’s no need for switching drill bits as you work or drilling and then screwing, since everything can be done with one step and one tool. They’re also much more economical, because you can use them for so many different things. Our self-tapping screws are also available in stainless steel, which is a popular choice because of its strength and anti-corrosive properties.

If you need self tapping screws, we can easily take your order and quickly ship any quantity directly to your business. Our extensive inventory and same-day shipping make it easy for you to get exactly what you need in a very short time. We’re proud to sell high quality American-made products to industrial customers across the country.

Ford Fasteners has been in business for 46 years, and in the process we’ve established ourselves as one of the best sources in the country for quality fasteners. Excellent service is our #1 priority, and you’ll experience this for yourself when you call to place your first order with us. Trust Ford Fasteners for all of your fastening needs. You’ll be glad you did!