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Why You Need Stainless Fasteners from Ford Fasteners

Since 1963, Ford Fasteners has been manufacturing quality fasteners for use in construction, carpentry, welding and other industries where strength and durability are equally important. Our uncompromising approach begins with using the best materials to manufacture products that last. Because of our solid reputation for innovation and quality, we’ve been able to expand into related markets where fasteners are in high demand. From self tapping to self piercing and even self cutting screws, people trust us to supply them with American made fasteners that get the job done. Our huge inventory of fasteners has whatever type of product you may require for your job, including a range of stainless fasteners.

Stainless fasteners are in high demand because they are so durable in a variety of situations. The stainless coating makes the fastener resistant to corrosion and protects it from moisture and dirt. This enhanced performance is perfect for applications where a fastener is expected to hold something firmly in place for years to come. At Ford Fasteners, we manufacture stainless fasteners in a wide variety of types and sizes to meet your needs. Our popular self tapping screws are available in stainless steel, as well as our self piercing and self cutting screws.

If you want a quality product that is durable in any condition, a stainless fastener from Ford Fasteners is the only way to go. All of our products are inspected in-house so that we can maintain the highest level of quality throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. We can even create custom labels and packaging for your fasteners before we ship them directly to you. Our vast distribution center in Texas allows us to quickly and easily ship across the country and even internationally.

To learn more about the many products that we offer, feel free to browse through the product pages of our website. Or, if you’d like to talk with one of our experts and ask some questions, just give us a call! We’ve got great customer service, and we’re more than willing to help supply you with the perfect fastening solution for your needs.