Celebrating 55 solid years
Celebrating 60 solid years
of supplying the highest quality
'410' stainless steel screws
and satisfied customer service!
Self-Drilling Screws
Self-Drilling Screws
• Stainless Steel Provides Rust Resistance
• Self-Drill through Thick Metals
• Sizes Up to 8 Inches Long
• In-House EPDM Washer Assembly
• Magnetic Acting and Easy to Handle
• Long 5 Pt. for Drilling Thick Metal
• Extra Long – Extra Strong
• Long Lasting & Durable
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Self-Piercing Screws
Self-Piercing Screws
• Sharp Points for Thin Metals
• 410 Stainless Steel Material
• Needle Point Pierces Easily
• Ideal for Gutters
• Pancake Head Low Profile
• No Changing Drivers for Multiple Sizes
• Designed for Easy One Use Operation
• Available for Many Applications
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EPDM Washers (Neoprene)
EPDM Washers (Neoprene)
• Bonded Sealing Washers
• Protects against Moisture Penetration
• In House Assembly on Screws
• Provides cushioning reducing damage
• Creates Tighter Seal
• Quick Turnaround Order Fulfillment
• Reduces Rust on Material
• Prevents Wear & Tear
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Self Drilling Screw Supply Chain

“Ford for 410”

Ford Fasteners, Inc. Long Lasting Quality Stainless Screws Engineered and Produced to Any Requirement

For over 55 years Ford has engineered and produced fasteners to any requirement. Our stainless reputation for long lasting quality is built on the strength of versatility in our superior line of Ford 410 stainless steel screws.

Around the corner or across the globe, with great pricing, volume discounts, same day shipping and global resources, “No matter where you are, Ford has you covered!” Ford Fasteners is based out of New Jersey and we ship throughout the United States and Canada.

  • ~ Global Sourcing
  • ~ Drop Shipping
  • ~ Plating
  • ~ Sealing Washer Assembly
  • ~ Custom Packaging and Labeling
  • ~ 1000 Hour Coating

Ford Fasteners is a leading distributor of industrial, self drilling, self tapping, self cutting, self sealing and sheet metal fastener screws. Whatever fastening products you need, you can count on us to be your trusted fastener source. We offer same day shipping at competitive prices, and we have a large inventory of quality parts so you can get the screws and other fastening products that you need without delay.

Stainless steel is strong, durable and resistant to corrosion, which is why our stainless fasteners are among our most popular products. Our stainless fasteners include: stainless self drillers, stainless self piercing screws and stainless self tapping screws. With a quality stainless fastener from Ford Fasteners, you can be confident that your fasteners will stand the test of time.

Quality fasteners are a must have item in many different industries, from construction to manufacturing and beyond. Ford Fasteners Inc. has everything that you might need for your application, and we even have the ability to create custom fasteners for unique applications where stock parts won’t fit. We stock a variety of stainless steel fasteners, bonded washers, self tapping screws, and more. Contact one of our experienced customer service representatives and they will answer any questions and help you find the right fastening products for your application.

Ask about our Free Freight Policy. We also Accept Blanket Orders.

Same Day UPS Shipping on orders received 3:30PM Eastern Time

Tapping Screws

• Strong points
• Fast acting
• Creates own hole
• Works with hard or thin materials
• Thread deeper hole

Ford Type ‘A’ Sheet Metal 410 Bright Hardened Stainless Steel For use in thin sheet metal(-.050 thick).

Ford Type ‘B’ Sheet Metal 410 Bright Hardened Stainless Steel  For use in heavier sheet metal (+.050 thick).

Thread Cutting Screws

• Less force
• Reduced cutting time
• Better size control
• Improve tool life
• Cut their own thread

Ford Type ‘F’ 410 Bright Hardened Stainless Steel  Multi-cutting edges and chip cavities.

Ford Thread Cutting Type ’23’  Fine threads offering maximum thread cutting area.

Ford Thread Cutting Type ’25’ Coarse thread for plastics and other soft materials

Services & Capabilities

Painting – Coating – In-House Assembly

Head Painting  All screws can be custom painted to meet your specific requirements.

Coating Corrosion protection coating is now offered on all of our ‘410’ screws and provides 1000 hours of superior salt spray protection.

Neoprene or EPDM Bonded Sealing Washer Assembly Ford Fasteners assembly division was established years ago to provide fast deliveries for their customers’ urgent needs.

In-House Inspection  Our in-house inspection procedure consists of additional testing for all of our self-drilling screws.