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Getting to Know Us Better

For over 40 years, Ford Fasteners, Inc. has been at the front of the industry leading the charge for high quality screw and fastener products. We are able to and are known for engineering and producing fasteners to just about any requirement. We have a stainless reputation for long lasting quality which has been built on the versatility and strength of our Ford 410 stainless steel screws. Founded in 1963 by George Cellary, Ford Fasteners, Inc. started by simply manufacturing screws for the door and window industry. Over the last 53 years we have continued to refine how we do business and what type of products we offer in order to add value anywhere we can.

This resulted in what Ford Fasteners is today, a powerhouse in the fastener industry. Our products are used in the solar, roofing and construction industries. Our products have evolved from just door and window screws into self drilling screws, self-piercing and even thread cutting screws. On top of that we offer and assemble EPDM bonded sealing washers onto a number of different screws. Our investment into our personnel, inventory and our machinery is something we’re proud of because it shows just how committed we are to high quality products.

Ford Fasteners, Inc. has a number of products that are available for immediate delivery and we accept blanket orders. We go out of our way to provide what our customers need whether that be a custom paint job or a specific type of screw that will fit unique needs of an application. Reach out to us at info@fordfasteners.com or give us a call at (800) 272-3673, we’re happy to listen to your unique requirements and application needs in order to provide you an outstanding solution. For long lasting quality steel screws that are engineered and produced to any requirement choose Ford Fasteners, Inc.